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With the tender delivery of a young John Mayer and the lush guitar textures of Howie Day, Clayton Bush's inspired compositions grip the hearts and ears of his audience with an urgent honesty that is conspicuously missing from so much of pop music today. With dauntless enthusiasm he sings stories of love, loss, spirituality and the occasional wild night. If ever a musician enjoyed his craft more than Clayton, you'd be hard pressed to find them.
This emerging artist is energetic, fun and remains true to his craft of songwriting inner-twined with passionate, heart-felt live performances. Backed by the release of his debut album "Spanish Satellites," Clayton has been carving out a name for himself on stages and street corners across the country with his soaring, heartfelt vocals and distinct guitar style, layered to life by his unmistakable and compelling use of live looping technology. This young artist has developed into a talent beyond his years and shows no signs of slowing down.